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Dr. Stellah Bosire, centered, walks with members of the group Feminists for Peace, Rights and Justice Center in Kibera, Kenya. 

Supporting women’s health is the key to advancing women’s economic power

No country can grow more prosperous or healthier while leaving behind half of its population. Marie Ba tells us what’s at stake if countries do not address the women’s health gap.
By Marie Ba Director, Ouagadougou Partnership Coordination Unit
James Mutinda, a farmer, teaches music to students using recycled items for instruments at Lulu Light School in Machakos County, Kenya, on September 19, 2023.

Through music and nutrition, a farmer’s passions come alive


Womens Economic Power

What does Women’s Economic Power mean?

Why we must go beyond empowerment programs and build economic systems that work for women.
Darlington Akoko

A scientist uses AI to give Africans control of their health

Darlington Akogo, Founder & CEO of minoHealth AI Labs, discusses how his product can save lives with a “digital doctor.”
Bill Gates with polio survivors and their families.

Bill Gates talks with polio survivors

Why is polio eradication important? On his recent trip to Brussels, Bill Gates sat down with polio survivors and their families (hosted by Jacob Beautemps from Breaking Lab) to learn about their experiences with this preventable disease.

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