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James Mutinda, a farmer, teaches music to students using recycled items for instruments at Lulu Light School in Machakos County, Kenya, on September 19, 2023.

Through music and nutrition, a farmer’s passions come alive

Organic farmer James Mutinda has found many ways to serve his community in Kenya, from music to beekeeping and beyond.
Meet Hellen Odira Mwita, who along with a group of women from her community, formed a farming collective growing sweet potato vines. Learn how the group is thriving through communal farming and joint savings.

For Hellen, Moheto Muungano is more than a name

Forming a women’s collective was just the beginning. To create economic power, Hellen’s women’s group built a system around belonging.
Digital Banking in India Through a Postmaster’s Lens

A story of digital banking in India—and a young woman’s promising career path

Digital banking lets millions of people safely receive, send, and save money without the need for cash. One young woman in India explains how this is helping her community.
Ramesh Narayanan

Harnessing digital technology for public good: An Indian CTO’s story

Ramesh Narayanan, CTO of the digital ID system MOSIP, shares the inspiration behind his work and how MOSIP can improve billions of lives around the world.

Women’s Economic Power

The Gates Foundation is committed to gender equality and supporting the work to increase economic power in the hands of women. Watch the videos that show what happens when women have economic power.
Dr. Stellah Bosire, centered, walks with members of the group Feminists for Peace, Rights and Justice Center in Kibera, Kenya. 

Greater Than the Sum: Dr. Stellah Bosire

From knowledge generation to proof-of-concept studies, explore our journey towards creating a sustainable impact worldwide.
Melinda French Gates and Claudia Goldin

What Melinda French Gates asked a Nobel Prize winner about women, power, and economics

Melinda French Gates and Nobel Prize winner Claudia Goldin explore the significance of economic power for women.

With the economic recovery failing women, now is the time to act on gender equality

Join us in advancing funding, advocacy, and collaborations to address women's health conditions.
Jashodaben conducts various activities with children based on teacher training programs in a child care center known as crèche in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Investing in affordable child care: good for families, children, and economic impact

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred remarkable advancements in vaccination technology, allowing us to combat the biggest public health crisis in over a century.

Power of Science and Innovation

If the world continues to place health innovation as a priority, imagine the possibilities. Meet the people making it a reality.

Advancing health in Africa through science and innovation

In this insightful conversation, Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sits down with partners in Kenya to discuss the importance of science and innovation in advancing health across the African continent.
Puneet Dewan, Senior Program Officer, TB Delivery, reveals some of the most exciting innovations in the R&D pipeline that could transform life for people affected by this deadly disease.

Tuberculosis: New innovations to a century old vaccine

Tuberculosis (TB) is an ancient disease that has proven intractable even in recent decades—but that may be about to change.
Meet the scientist using AI to give Africans control of their health

A scientist uses AI to give Africans control of their health

Darlington Akogo, Founder & CEO of minoHealth AI Labs, discusses how his product can save lives with a “digital doctor.”
A user accesses the mDoc website on a smartphone during an outreach program at the Balogun Market in Lagos, Nigeria, on September 14, 2023. mDoc is a social enterprise that integrates proven methodologies in quality improvement and behavioral science with web and mobile-based technology to optimize the end to end care experience for people living with chronic health needs such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

How Nneka Mobisson and mDoc use AI and Large Language Models to drive health equity

Nneka Mobisson’s father believed in the power of technology to save lives in Africa. She’s honoring his memory by using AI to take on inequalities in healthcare.

Partners of Human Potential

Learn more about the stories of our amazing partners and their game-changing work.
More Pathways, More Potential

How does creating more pathways for students lead to more potential?

YouthForce NOLA paves education pathways & provides equitable education opportunities to underserved New Orleans communities, supported by the Gates Foundation.
Better Cows, Better Grades

How do better cows lead to better grades?

How selective breeding of cattle led to better grades in Kenya. Bringing productive dairy cows to Africa for better local nutrition and economic opportunity.
Better Toilets, Better Students

How do better toilets lead to better attendance?

Enviro Loo, a toilet technology and water sanitation project in South Africa supported by the Gates Foundation, is impacting the lives of students for the better.

Series: The Working Dinner

Watch first-hand conversations with experts inside the foundation and out as they reflect on the most pressing issues of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear what they’ve learned in the years that followed that could prevent the next pandemic.
Bill Gates, Anita Zaidi, Keith Klugman, and Lynda Stuart meet around a table for a working dinner.

Episode 1: Introducing The Working Dinner

Bill Gates meets with experts two years after their last in-person meeting to reflect on what they’ve learned as the world changed.
Keith Klugman, Melinda French Gates, and Anita Zaidi meet over dinner with guests Catherine Nyambura and Dr. Githinji Gitahi joining virtually on a television monitor

Episode 2: Inequities and the Road to Recovery

We all experienced the pandemic in a different way. How do we address those differences and the inequities they uncovered?
Anita Zaidi and Keith Klugman meet with guests Samba Sow and Folake Olayinka for The Working Dinner

Episode 3: New Variants, New Challenges

From flattening the curve to riding the waves, variants have shaped the entire pandemic and will shape our future. How can the world better prepare?