Partners of Human Potential

Partners of Human Potential

Learn more about the stories of our amazing partners and their game-changing work below.

How does creating more pathways for students lead to more potential?

The Big Easy is brimming with talent, and untapped potential. YouthForce NOLA is helping students turn real-life work experience into real-world success.

How do better toilets lead to better students?

In South Africa, a clean, odorless, and water saving sanitation system is raising attendance in schools. Students can focus more time on learning, and less time on worrying about an unsanitary loo.

How do better cows lead to better grades?

A dating app for cows doesn't just produce high-yield dairy cows, it can also lead to a thriving local economy, nutrition for kids, and endless potential.

How does the beginning of a partnership lead to the end of a deadly disease?

Thanks to the success of the first-ever HPV vaccine program in one city, an entire nation is adapting it in more places than ever. That means the goal of protecting women and eliminating cervical cancer is on the horizon.

How does a mother’s touch lead to a scientific breakthrough?

A technique inspired by a kangaroo’s pouch provides immediate skin-to-skin contact between a mom and her baby. Not only is it revolutionizing the NICU, it could potentially save 150,000 newborn lives annually.

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How Does a Mother’s Touch in India Lead to a Scientific Breakthrough?