Partners of Human Potential

Meet the farmers and scientists using remarkable cows to help their communities thrive

A grid of images featuring Professor Mrode, Professor Coffey, Josephine Kimonyi and her cow, and other scientists.
@Gates Archive / UK Photography Kathleen Flynn / Kenya Photography Alissa Everett
Josephine Kimonyi standing with her selectively bred cow on her farm in Makueni County.
Josephine Kimonyi, and her cow, Mukuni, on her farm in Makueni County, Kenya.
Rory Christie, a Scottish man who has a farm in Port William, standing on his farm, Dourie Farming Company, with his daughter.
Rory Christie poses for a photo with his daughter, left, at the Dourie Farming Company Ltd. in Port William, Scotland.
Josephine Kimonyi hands Mannasse and Ephrahim Samuel bottles of milk as they leave for school in Makueni County, Kenya.
“My dream is to supply milk for everyone in the village. I’m happy when I see my family and people around me with enough. That’s my joy.”
Josephine Kimonyi
Partners of Human Potential

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