Portraits of Potential

The visionary dairy farmer

A Kenyan entrepreneur finds promise in a special breed of cow—and makes a bold investment.

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James Mutinda, a farmer, teaches music to students using recycled items for instruments at Lulu Light School in Machakos County, Kenya, on September 19, 2023.

Through music and nutrition, a farmer’s passions come alive

Organic farmer James Mutinda has found many ways to serve his community in Kenya, from music to beekeeping and beyond.
Better Cows, Better Grades

How do better cows lead to better grades?

How selective breeding of cattle led to better grades in Kenya. Bringing productive dairy cows to Africa for better local nutrition and economic opportunity.
James Mutinda at his farm in Machakos County, Kenya. In the video above, James shares his ambitions stemming from his passion in sustainable farming.

The prize-winning sweetpotato helping farmers respond to climate change

The remarkable sweetpotato is one of many supercharged crops that can grow despite a changing climate. Farmers are adapting to climate change with it.
By Dr. Joyce Maru Director, Global Sweetpotato Agri-food Systems Program, International Potato Center