The prize-winning sweetpotato helping farmers respond to climate change

The remarkable sweetpotato is one of many supercharged crops that can grow despite a changing climate. Farmers are adapting to climate change with it.

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A healthy crop of corn grown from hybrid, drought resistant maize seed in Machakos, Kenya. Climate change has a significant impact upon smallholder, African farmers in the form of irregular rains and drought.

What is climate adaptation?

While there’s no singular solution to climate change, we can still do our part to course correct. Adapting is key.
Joan, a businesswoman, tends to her flock inside a poultry house at her home in Naivasha, Kenya.

Agricultural innovation and improved nutrition are necessary for a climate-stressed world

To address climate catastrophe, reducing emissions is not enough. New solutions must help smallholder farmers and families adapt to a changing world.
By Rodger Voorhies President, Global Growth & Opportunity, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Women farmers observe as Ndaya Beltchika, Lead Technical Specialist at IFAD, is briefed on horticulture efforts in Sunamganj District, Bangladesh.

Women farmers are reeling from climate change. Leaders need to put them first.

An agronomist shares three lessons for leaders at COP27.
By Ndaya Beltchika Lead Technical Specialist, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)