Episode 2: Inequities and the Road to Recovery

At first, the pandemic was hard on everyone. But while the world saw promise in the extraordinary development and approval of effective vaccines, the pandemic also created and extended existing inequities. From the impact on women to the lack of vaccine access for people living in low and middle-income countries, foundation partners Catherine Nyambura and Dr. Githinji Gitahi share some honest feedback with Melinda French Gates, Anita Zaidi, and Keith Klugman in the second episode of The Working Dinner video series.

We saw this happening with the HIV era where there were no drugs for a very long time until people had to go on the street. People had to strike to get that done. I was disappointed because we had actually put structures in place, and we just call that greed. There’s no other way to define it.
Dr. Githinji Gitahi
Group Chief Executive Officer
Amref Health Africa

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