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China is an important strategic partner for our foundation in realizing our global goals. Since opening our China office in 2007, we have seen the tremendous impact that can be made when life-saving innovations reach everyone. 


In recent decades, China has achieved remarkable success in addressing health inequity and poverty. The country’s increasing global engagement and capacity for innovation have also bolstered its potential to spur development efforts worldwide. We aim to support China in unlocking that potential in a way that benefits both China and the rest of the world, drawing on our global resources, networks, and expertise.

We provide financial and technical support to our Chinese partners and build bridges to international cooperation to help them accelerate product, technology, and systems innovation in health, agricultural development, and poverty reduction. We also create broad new partnerships to ensure that these innovations reach vulnerable populations across China and around the world as quickly as possible. Together, we have witnessed the tremendous impact that can be made when life-saving innovations reach everyone.

We are committed to long-term collaboration with our Chinese partners, and we believe that China has a crucial role to play in achieving our shared goal of building a fairer and healthier world.


The latest updates on our work in China

Areas of focus

We are committed to working with China to improve health and development outcomes around the world.

How we support China

Creating an innovative collaboration model for global health drug discovery
Promote development of innovative technologies, products, and models to support china’s efforts on TB prevention and control
Promoting innovation of affordable technologies through co-funded projects
Support China's leadership in the global malaria elimination process
Exploring malaria prevention and control strategies adaptable to African countries
Supporting China to improve its ability to prevent infectious diseases and contribute to global public health security
Ensuring equitable access to HPV vaccination
Compared to the old medicine (left), the new medicine (right) can reduce 13 pills to 3 pills a day at Tuberculosis Dept, Shaoxing Central Hospital, Zhejiang Province, China.
Facilitating financing and payment innovations to reduce catastrophic expenditure for TB patients
Millicent Vuguza receives a Sino-implant device from Maureen Olaka at the Kariobangi North Health Center in Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya.
Partnering with the private sector to expand access to voluntary family planning among women in poverty
Helping West African countries strengthen rice seed systems
A view of product of CLEAR (Suzhou)  Environmental Technology at The Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing, China.
Supporting the development and commercialization of reinvented toilet

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