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Beijing, China

Since opening our China office in 2007, we have supported China in addressing its major domestic health and development challenges, including infectious diseases and poverty. We also facilitate China’s ability to share its expertise and innovations—including high-quality, low-cost vaccines and other health products—with sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the developing world.

Our work in China

We are committed to being “in China for China” and “in China for the world.” This means we actively contribute to China’s ongoing development – supporting our partners’ efforts to help eradicate extreme poverty, broaden access to immunization, tackle infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, and drive the philanthropic sector development– also extending the global reach of China’s health and development expertise and technologies for the benefit of other countries.

Office Leadership

Zhi-Jie Zheng
Zhi-Jie Zheng
Director, China Office
Dr. Zhi-Jie (ZJ) Zheng leads the foundation’s efforts to develop and strengthen partnerships across China’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance health and development outcomes in China and around the world.

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