Gender Equality

Gender equality is not a side issue. It is at the core of a stronger response, recovery, and a more resilient future.

The world has been fighting for gender equality for decades, but progress has been slow. On June 30, the Generation Equality Forum will be an opportunity to bridge the gap between ambition and action – at a time when the pandemic has highlighted why action is needed now more than ever.

Women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Nearly every facet of their lives has come under pressure, from employment to education to health. The Generation Equality Forum is our opportunity to match the urgency of this moment and deliver for women and girls.

By focusing on putting women at the center of the economic recovery, we can ensure that we rebuild our global economy in an equitable way. Investing in women reaps outsized returns for us all. We now have a chance to re-ignite a movement and deliver real change, because equality can’t wait.

We can build a more equal future for women and girls

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The Pandemic's Toll on Women

Read Melinda Gates' article in Foreign Affairs on the pandemic's toll on women, why it matters, and what policymakers can do to build a more equal and prosperous future.
By Melinda Gates Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Photo by Martin Barzilai / HAYTHAM-REA / Redux

Indian woman wearing green face mask takes a phone call

Gender equality. No, there isn't an app for that

Women in low- and middle-income countries are 20% less likely to own a smartphone than men. Closing this gap requires addressing social, financial, and educational barriers.
Anita Zaidi holding child in Pakistan

Poverty is sexist: A Q&A with new Gender Equality Division President Anita Zaidi

New Gender Equality Division President Anita Zaidi discusses the newly created division and what it means for the foundation.
By Anita Zaidi President, Gender Equality and Director, Vaccine Development and Surveillance, and Director, EDD, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Gif Data Stats

Sexist and incomplete data hold back the world’s COVID-19 response

More gender disaggregated data is needed to fully understand COVID-19's impacts. Melinda Gates shares four actions governments must take to overcome this gap.
By Melinda French Gates Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Graphic with the headline “Women are vastly underrepresented in news headlines”

Missing Perspectives: How women are left out of the news

A new report shows that women are vastly underrepresented in media coverage and in the journalism sector. The Gates Foundation’s Susan Byrnes discusses the findings with Luba Kassova.
By Susan Byrnes and Luba Kassova

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