Gender Equality

Gender equality is not a side issue. It is at the core of a stronger response, recovery, and a more resilient future.

The global fight for gender equality began decades ago, but progress has been slow. The Generation Equality Forum is a powerful step forward that will accelerate progress—bridging the gap between ambition and action.

Now is the time for swift action as women have been disproportionately affected by impacts of the pandemic. Nearly every facet of their lives has come under pressure, from employment to education to health. New data shows that pandemic-driven inequality is growing at an alarming pace through disruptions to women’s health services, job losses in sectors where women are overrepresented, and a sharp increase in caregiving and other unpaid work.

A more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient global economy must work for women and girls. We now have a chance to deliver real change, because equality can’t wait.

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We can build a more equal future for women and girls

With the economic recovery failing women, now is the time to act on gender equality

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely affected women more than men. To build a strong economic recovery, data shows we must advance progress toward gender equality.

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