Women on philanthropy’s front lines: A conversation with Melanie Brown and Elizabeth Barajas-Román

Mother holding her infant son.
Alana and her son Jeremiah in San Diego, CA. Photo credit: Steven Alexander

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Woman is greeted by her grandchildren as she arrives at her house in Cape Town, South Africa.

Put women at the heart of the economic recovery

From education to entrepreneurship, global recovery efforts need to pay particular attention to the needs of women and girls. Melinda Gates and David Malpass, President of the World Bank, urge to put women at the center of the recovery.
By Melinda French Gates and David Malpass
A shipment of COVID-19 vaccines after arrival in Nigeria.

With vaccine deliveries to Accra and Abidjan, the race for equity begins

The first shipments of COVID-19 vaccine have arrived in Africa. Getting vaccines to Accra, Abidjan, and cities all over the planet is a vital first step in defeating this pandemic. Now the real test of whether we can achieve vaccine equity begins.
By Solomon Zewdu Deputy Director. Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
A shipment of COVID-19 vaccines at the airport in Accra, Ghana.

Why we focus on vaccine equity

CEO Mark Suzman explains how equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines can coexist with intellectual property protections for vaccine-producing companies.
By Mark Suzman CEO, Board Member, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation