Philanthropic Partnerships

our goal
To inspire and enable more informed and intentional generosity by all.
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Staff and volunteers at United Way of King County in Washington State load items for community distribution.

At a glance

  • Giving time, money, and talent helps people shape the kind of world they want to live in.
  • We believe that when people have the right tools, information, and inspiration, their giving can accelerate the pace of positive change in the world.
  • We work with givers and philanthropic organizations around the globe as they hone their giving to achieve more.
  • We support research, innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing to enhance giving and strengthen the philanthropic sector.

Our strategy

Philanthropy thrives in the presence of bold thinking, effective tools, robust institutions, and norms that nurture a culture of giving. The Philanthropic Partnerships team serves as a resource to those who want to achieve more with their giving, and it invests in organizations that strengthen the philanthropic sector. We support programs in the United States, China, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia that provide donors with resources to make informed decisions about giving, strengthen policies that enable philanthropy, and support cultural norms around generosity.

The needs of today are enormous, but so is our ability to meet those needs creatively. By pushing ourselves to maximize our generosity and accelerate our giving, we can rise to the many challenges of this moment and help advance progress in improving quality of life around the world.
Bill and Melinda Gates
December 2020 letter to the Giving Pledge community

Areas of focus

The beauty of philanthropy is in its diversity. From Andrew Carnegie’s gift to create the U.S. public library system to the charitable support for smallpox eradication and the global giving to alleviate the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, philanthropy comes in many forms and is ingrained in many cultural traditions. Unlike businesses or governments, philanthropists have the flexibility to explore the root causes of an issue, be bold in their vision, and fill critical gaps that can save and change lives. By sharing inspiration, learning from others, and working together, philanthropists can accelerate the pace of positive change in the world. Our team seeks to enhance and enable generosity at all levels of wealth and in many regions. We customize our engagements to achieve the greatest and longest-lasting impact in each of our priority geographies.

We collaborate with high-net-worth individuals to accelerate, encourage, and inform their giving journey, most notably through our support of the Giving Pledge community.

For philanthropists wishing to co-fund or partner with the foundation, we offer opportunities to participate in initiatives, collaboratives, and networks that allow individuals to give together to achieve greater impact. We also administer Gates Philanthropy Partners, a public charity that enables donors to align their giving with our foundation’s priorities.

We support research, experimentation, and product development to understand how to motivate and amplify generosity by everyday givers, regardless of the amount of time or resources they have to give. If you’d like to receive monthly updates on the work we are funding and news from the giving space, you can sign up for the Giving By All newsletter.

We work with partners to ensure that policy and regulatory incentives for giving are preserved, established, or enhanced. We also fund partners that increase the availability and usability of data on charities and philanthropic data flows, to enable more informed giving and build a stronger, smarter philanthropic sector.


Why focus on philanthropic partnerships?

Philanthropy plays an important role in solving some of the world’s biggest health and development challenges. Generosity is part of what makes us human, and nearly all cultures have strong traditions of giving and caring for their communities. But at every level of wealth, individuals face an array of decisions about their giving. We believe that when people have the right tools, information, and inspiration, they give more generously and intentionally.

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