We support China as it strives to realize the goal of eliminating extreme poverty, by working with partners to pilot innovative models in rural healthcare, nutrition and financial services for the poor, and mobilizing social resources.

China has had unparalleled success in poverty alleviation, contributing 76 percent of all global poverty reduction to date. However, millions of people still live in extreme poverty and the government has pledged to root out poverty by 2020.

We are committed to supporting China in going the final mile. The broad partnerships that we have developed with the public, private and social sectors in China and around the world allow us to engage in policy dialogues and mobilize resources, funding and innovation that are critical for poverty alleviation at scale.

Based on our understanding of local needs and on our own strengths, we have adopted a three-pronged approach in our program:

  • Partnering with key government agencies such as the NHC to support the piloting of innovative models and advocate their wider adoption in prioritized areas such as rural healthcare, early childhood nutrition and financial services for the poor.
  • Working with the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (CPAD) and leading think tanks to conduct policy research on poverty alleviation, summarize findings, and facilitate experience sharing within China and between China and other countries.
  • Catalyzing the establishment of new and stronger platforms to mobilize more vigorous participation of from social and private sector actors in poverty alleviation.