We bring together a wide range of partners to encourage charitable giving and advocate for improved policies in China’s philanthropic sector.

In the short time that China has amassed the world's second-largest pool of personal wealth, it has seen the emergence of philanthropic activities. At this stage, however, there is still much room for further improvement on the policies, skills, norms, and institutions that are needed to support informed and intentional charitable giving.

China has the potential to significantly increase the level and impact of philanthropic activities. The combination of entrepreneurial spirit among the first generation of wealth creators, an emerging policy infrastructure for the charitable sector, and new social media technologies could lead to new models of philanthropy for the rest of the world.

We work with a wide range of partners in China — including the government, academia, social organizations, and individual philanthropists — to encourage charitable giving and advocate improved policies in China's philanthropic sector. Over the past few years, our work has focused on improving the ecosystem of philanthropic development, including support for policy research and advocacy on key issues such as nonprofit registration and tax incentives, and work with private philanthropists.