To beat mosquitos, researchers must think like mosquitos

Mosquito Bed Net

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Looking back on vaccines in 2018

Some of the most significant breakthroughs in 2018 came in the field of vaccine development and delivery, where we again saw progress on immunization. Today, more people in the poorest parts of the world, especially children, are getting protected against infectious diseases, while new innovations are producing vaccines more cheaply and getting them to the communities who need them more effectively.
Michael Lea Senior Writer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Woman and children with doctor

3 ways advances in disease modeling will help end malaria

Huge progress has been made in the last 15 years in reducing the number of malaria cases and deaths, and many countries have now declared elimination goals. As the number of cases go down, malaria no longer is distributed evenly nation-wide, but becomes limited to pockets in communities that are often very tricky to reach operationally or in populations with limited access to health care.
Erin Stuckey Program Officer, Polio, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation