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Fatimata Sy

Fatimata Sy on partnering to expand access to contraceptives

When it launched in 2011, the Ouagadougou Partnership set an audacious goal for 2020: Increase the number of women using modern contraceptives by at least 2.2 million in nine francophone West African countries. Fatimata Sy, director of the Partnership, reflects on its work.
Ruchika Tulshyan Founder and CEO, Candour LLC

De-throning “The Throne” at the Reinvent the Toilet Expo in Beijing, China

The flush toilet hasn’t changed much since it was invented in 1596 by Sir John Harington. (Yes, the inventor of “The John” was named John. See also: Thomas Crapper.) Sure, there have been other advancements – waste treatment plants, underground sewers, septic systems – but these complicated, expensive, and hard-to-manage technologies don’t do much good in developing countries where 950 million people still have to defecate outdoors.
Ryan Bell Feature Writer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation