De-throning “The Throne” at the Reinvent the Toilet Expo in Beijing, China


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Overcoming fear and stigma in the age of HIV/AIDS

Even three decades later, Dr. Lorna Tumwebaze still remembers the fear she felt after encountering her first patient living with HIV at a hospital in her native Uganda. She had just performed a Cesarean section under poor infection control measures when the medical staff learned the mother had recently been diagnosed with the virus.
Ryan Bell Feature Writer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Woman filling out health forms related to polio and vaccination records.

Measuring the value of health

The Optimist sat down with Damian Walker, deputy director of data and analytics at the Gates Foundation, to talk about how the team approached evaluating the return on a $10 billion health investment, the challenges of evaluating investments in global health, and why these analyses should be a key input in decision-making.
Damian Walker Deputy Director, Data and Analytics, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation