Tiny Giant Steps

toward a healthier world

Tiny Giant Steps, the foundation’s innovators video series, features stories of the incredible people working in global health R&D.

Behind every breakthrough, there’s a journey of a thousand (often nonlinear) steps. When we understand this journey, it becomes easier to see that we’re on a path to progress right now, and it gives us confidence to keep pushing toward what’s next.

Meet the innovators

A scientist uses AI to give Africans control of their health

Darlington Akogo, Founder & CEO of minoHealth AI Labs, discusses how his product can save lives with a “digital doctor.”

How Nneka Mobisson and mDoc use AI and Large Language Models to drive health equity

Nneka Mobisson’s father believed in the power of technology to save lives in Africa. She’s honoring his memory by using AI to take on inequalities in healthcare.

More on science and innovation

The Power of Science and Innovation

The Power of Science and Innovation

We are committed to using the power of science and innovation to save millions of lives.
A state health officer marks Muneerah Oyekan’s (9) finger to indicate that she’s received the HPV vaccine during the first phase of a country-wide HPV Vaccination Campaign targeting school-age girls between 9 and 14 years old in Lagos State, Nigeria, on November 3, 2023.

Four things to know about the single-dose HPV vaccine for cervical cancer

The single-dose HPV vaccine saves thousands of women's lives every year. Learn more about access for people to get the dose and effectiveness against cervical cancer.
By Anita Zaidi President, Gender Equality Division, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation