Ending neglect, ending disease: River blindness in West Africa

Credit: The END Fund

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A health worker administers a vaccine to a nurse in Zvimba Rural District near Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe.

Africa’s health security requires strong African regulators

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons about health security – not the least that, when health resources are scarce, African countries cannot necessarily rely on imports to protect their people.
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What will it take to outsmart malaria?

The extensive research and development behind the breakthrough new malaria vaccine is informing work on a new generation of complementary tools to control, prevent, and ultimately eradicate malaria.
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A government employee enrolls a campaign worker into the worker database in Kongo Central, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The future of global health: polio and mobile money

Mobile payments to vaccination workers are an important tool in the fight to end polio—a tool that promises to have similar benefits for any number of other public health initiatives.
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