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Woman working in front of laptop from home, with child on her lap.

Governments build roads and bridges. Why is another essential piece of infrastructure, child care, built on women’s unpaid labor?

The pandemic has been devastating to women’s employment. Unless governments and the private sector start to think of child care as essential infrastructure, post-pandemic recovery plans will falter.
By Anita Zaidi President, Gender Equality Division, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Mother holding her infant son.

Women on philanthropy’s front lines: A conversation with Melanie Brown and Elizabeth Barajas-Román

Women’s funds have long been on the front lines of addressing persistent societal injustices. They need our support to address the harms suffered by women during the COVID-19 pandemic—from lost jobs to domestic violence.
By Melanie Brown and Elizabeth Barajas-Román
Woman is greeted by her grandchildren as she arrives at her house in Cape Town, South Africa.

Put women at the heart of the economic recovery

From education to entrepreneurship, global recovery efforts need to pay particular attention to the needs of women and girls. Melinda Gates and David Malpass, President of the World Bank, urge to put women at the center of the recovery.
By Melinda French Gates and David Malpass