Our commitment to grantees

Our grantees and partners are at the core of our mission and work. We are most effective when we are working together with partners to achieve the shared impact we all desire.

Achieving results depends on many factors, including the quality of our partnerships. We can achieve greater impact by forging stronger relationships with our most important partners—our grantees.

Our commitment to grantees

  1. Quality interactions—You will be treated with respect and candor.
  2. Clear and consistent communications—You will know when and who will make the decision on your grant, and you will be provided clear communications on the foundation’s strategy, grant process, and the amount of time and assistance you could expect to receive from the foundation once your grant is awarded.
  3. Feedback—You will have opportunities to provide feedback–and we will use that feedback to make continuous improvements.

We welcome your feedback. It is a critical part of our commitment because your ideas, assessment, and comments will help to ensure greater success in our mutual goal to improve lives. We take a diverse approach to seeking feedback—through ongoing interactions between our program staff and grantees, and periodic interviews and surveys. We work with outside parties to help us gather both non-confidential feedback after key transactions as well as confidential feedback on our relationship overall.

If your feedback regards a specific allegation, and you want the information to be kept confidential from foundation staff, we encourage you to report this information to EthicsPoint. This is a service provided by a third party outside of the foundation that is available for reporting and identification of issues, events, and behavior that may be inconsistent with our foundation’s values.