Work With For Profits

In each problem the foundation works on, our chief strategy is to promote innovative solutions and ensure these solutions reach the people who need them. To do that, we form partnerships and make grants to organizations that we think can achieve lasting results.

We work with all kinds of organizations, including governments, nonprofits, businesses, faith-based groups, and academic institutions, as well as with many individuals. We believe everyone benefits when the best ideas are developed and applied, no matter where they are found.

Creating incentives to do the most good for the most people

In the case of business, we work with companies that have experience creating and delivering innovations that can benefit people living in poverty. These businesses bring tools, knowledge, influence, and money to the table. But they don't always have an incentive to focus on inequities, or to make sure their innovations reach everyone who needs them. When opportunities arise—when there is a chance to involve businesses that would not otherwise participate—we seek to create those incentives and encourage businesses to take action that does the most good for the most people.

Businesses are just one part of the equation

We also make grants to thousands of nonprofits that are crucial to finding solutions and delivering them. We want to make sure our grants to for-profit entities support that vital work. That's why we consider carefully how any partnership with a for-profit company might affect the funding of nonprofit groups, the variety of viable partners within the charitable sector, and their ability to thrive over the long haul.