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Global Policy & Advocacy


Our Global Policy & Advocacy leadership team oversees the foundation’s work to build strategic relationships with governments, private philanthropists, media organizations, public policy experts, and other key partners that are critical to the success of the foundation’s mission.

Mark Suzman

Chief Strategy Officer and President,
Global Policy & Advocacy

Mark Suzman leads the foundation's efforts to build strategic relationships with governments, private philanthropists, and other key partners to increase program awareness, action, and resources.

Oliver Babson

Director, Strategy, Planning and Management,
Global Policy & Advocacy

Oliver Babson, director, Strategy, Planning & Management, supports the foundation’s Global Policy & Advocacy division.

Girindre Beeharry


Girindre Beeharry, director, Global Education Learning Strategy, leads the foundation’s work with partners to provide education systems with better information, evidence, tools, and approaches.

Susan Byrnes

External Communications

Susan Byrnes leads the communications team responsible for global campaigns, creative content, and media engagement to drive impact for the foundation’s priorities.

Joe Cerrell

Managing Director,
Donor Government Relations

Joe Cerrell is based in the Gates Foundation’s European Office in London. In this role, Joe oversees the foundation's relationships with donor governments in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Greg Ferrante

Program Chief Financial Officer,
Global Policy & Advocacy

Greg is the primary financial advisor to the President of the Global Policy & Advocacy division.

Gargee Ghosh


Gargee Ghosh leads the foundation’s international policy team which develops and funds innovative ideas to make finance more effective in solving the problems of extreme poverty around the world.

Pierre Grand

Senior Advisor,
Global Policy and Advocacy

Pierre Grand supports the development of the foundation’s newly opened Berlin office in areas ranging from government relations, partnership management, and general managerial support.

Daniel Green

Director Program Advocacy,
Global Policy & Advocacy

Dan Green leads the team that focuses on advocacy and communications across all of our global initiatives to help generate the awareness, resources, partnerships, and policy changes necessary to achieve our goals.

Elisa Keller

Director, Office of the President and Chief of Staff,
Global Policy & Advocacy

Elisa Keller provides support and counsel to the president across the division’s efforts to build strategic relationships in service of the foundation’s goals

Anja Langenbucher

Europe Office

Anja Langenbucher manages the foundation’s policy, advocacy, and government relations activities in Europe.

Yinuo Li

China Country Office

Yinuo Li oversees a team that works with China’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors to address key domestic and global health, development, and policy issues.

Josh Lozman


Josh Lozman leads the team that focuses on advocacy and communications for our women’s and children’s health and gender equality programs.

Rob Nabors

U.S. Policy, Advocacy and Communications

Rob Nabors leads the foundation’s policy, advocacy, and government relations activities in the U.S. and Canada.

Robert Rosen

Philanthropic Partnerships

Robert Rosen leads a team that oversees the foundation’s relationship with philanthropists and charitable organizations across the globe.

Gabriella Stern


Gabriella Stern manages the foundation’s global media partnerships and external relations.

Ankur Vora

Strategy Office

Ankur Vora leads the team responsible for supporting creation and evaluation of our strategies, as well as exploring new paths to impact that align with our missions.

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