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Global Policy & Advocacy


Our Global Policy & Advocacy leadership team oversees the foundation’s work to build strategic relationships with governments, private philanthropists, media organizations, public policy experts, and other key partners that are critical to the success of the foundation’s mission.

Gargee Ghosh

Global Policy & Advocacy

Gargee Ghosh leads the team responsible for building relationships with government, private philanthropists, and civil society in support of the foundation’s program strategies.

Oliver Babson

Global Policy & Advocacy

Ollie Babson leads a foundation effort to pioneer digital giving platforms and philanthropic channels for COVID-19 responses.

Joe Cerrell

Managing Director,
Donor Government Relations

Joe Cerrell is based in the Gates Foundation’s European Office in London. In this role, Joe oversees the foundation's relationships with donor governments in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Steve Davis

Senior China Strategy Advisor and Interim Director,
China Country Office

Steve Davis is senior China strategy advisor and interim director for the China Country Office.

Pierre Grand

Senior Advisor,
Europe Office

Pierre Grand supports the development of the foundation’s newly opened Berlin office in areas ranging from government relations, partnership management, and general managerial support.

Dan Kaufman


Dan Kaufman leads the teams responsible for developing policy and using strategic communications in support of the foundation’s programmatic work to strengthen U.S. education and economic mobility.

Anja Langenbucher

Europe Office

Anja Langenbucher manages the foundation’s policy, advocacy, and government relations activities in Europe.

Josh Lozman

Interim Director, Gender Equality and Director, Global Policy & Advocacy

Josh Lozman leads advocacy and communications for Gender Equality, the strategy for Melinda Gates’ advocacy and communications, and is the interim director for the Gender Equality program.

Rob Nabors

North America

Rob Nabors leads the foundation’s policy, advocacy, and government relations activities in North America.

Miguel Rodriguez

North America Government Relations

Miguel Rodriguez leads the teams tasked with formulating and executing strategies to promote programmatic goals and priorities with federal and state & local lawmakers and decision makers.

Sara Rogge

Office of the President and Chief of Staff

Sara Rogge provides support and counsel to the president across the division’s efforts to build strategic relationships in service of the foundation’s goals.

Robert Rosen

Philanthropic Partnerships

Robert Rosen leads a team that oversees the foundation’s relationship with philanthropists and charitable organizations across the globe.

Darin Spurgeon

Director, Strategy, Planning and Management

Darin Spurgeon oversees strategy and operations for the Global Policy & Advocacy division.

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