Gargee Ghosh

Gargee Ghosh

President, Global Policy & Advocacy

Gargee Ghosh is president of the foundation’s Global Policy & Advocacy division. A member of the foundation’s executive leadership team, she is accountable for the organization’s worldwide government affairs, development policy, resource mobilization partnerships, and advocacy campaigns. Her division works hand in hand with all program teams at the foundation—from global health to climate adaptation—to build policy and partnerships for meaningful global action.

Gargee aims to bring head and heart to her career in global development. She holds graduate degrees in economics and international relations from Oxford and Georgetown Universities, respectively. Her personal connection to drivers of development progress began with her own family’s experiences in West Bengal and continued through deep work in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her career has spanned public and private sectors from the United Nations to McKinsey & Company, the Center for Global Development, and Google.

For over a decade, Gargee has held roles of increasing responsibility at the Gates Foundation: successfully deepening the foundation’s work in economic policy, modernizing partnership strategies and organizational structures to be more effective globally, and juggling complex geopolitical tensions to deliver strong outcomes for foundation goals and the SDGs.

Gargee lives in Washington DC with her husband, two active children, and one lazy rescue dog.

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Gargee Ghosh poses for a photograph with a shopkeeper after using her digital payment system in Mumbai, India in March 2023.

Development finance reform needs to address the greatest challenges of our era

Low-income countries are being squeezed by cascading global crises. Reforming development finance systems could help – but leaders must take decisive action now.
By Gargee Ghosh President, Global Policy & Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
A health worker directs elderly residents to register for a COVID-19 vaccination program in Brits, South Africa.

How health equity can prevent the next pandemic

Greater health equity is crucial to preventing the next global pandemic. When low-income countries have the basic health infrastructure they need and deserve, the next novel virus will be easier to identify, monitor, and stop.
By Gargee Ghosh President, Global Policy & Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Children covered under ICDDR,B's Malnutrition-Enteric Disease (Mal-ED) Study receive food supplements while their mothers receive nutrition information from Field Research Assistant, Parveen Sultana Mita (with picture cards), at a Community Nutrition Centre in the Mirpur locality.

Nutrition as an engine for economic recovery

Improving nutrition has the potential to radically accelerate progress across the SDG global goals. This week’s Nutrition for Growth summit addresses the power of nutrition to improve lives all over the world.
By Gargee Ghosh President, Global Policy & Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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