Philanthropic Partnerships

Our Goal

We aim to inspire and enable more informed and intentional generosity by all.

The Challenge

Philanthropy plays a strong role in solving some of the world’s biggest health and development challenges. Generosity is part of what makes us human, and nearly all cultures have strong traditions of giving and caring for their communities. But at every level of wealth, individuals face common yet broad decisions about giving. We believe that when people have the right tools, information, and inspiration, they will give more and give well.

The Opportunity

From Carnegie’s gifts that created the modern free public library system, to the eradication of smallpox, to cultivating artistic talent, giving comes in many forms. Unlike business or government, philanthropists have the flexibility to explore the root causes of an issue, be bold in vision, and fill critical gaps that can save and change lives. By sharing inspiration, learning from others, and working together, philanthropy will accelerate the pace of positive change in the world.

Our Strategy

Philanthropy thrives when there is bold thinking, effective tools, robust institutions, and norms that nurture a culture of giving. The Philanthropic Partnerships Team serves as a resource to those who want to achieve more with their giving and invests in organizations that strengthen the philanthropic sector. We support programs in China, India, the Middle East, and the United States that provide donors with resources to make informed decisions about giving, that strengthen policies enabling philanthropy, and that support cultural norms around generosity. Our core programs include:

  • Giving Partnerships: We collaborate with high net worth individuals through a variety of programs and services designed to accelerate, encourage, and celebrate their giving journey. 
  • Giving Opportunities: For philanthropists wishing to partner or co-fund with the Gates foundation, we offer a range of co-funding opportunities, collaboratives, and networks for individuals to give together with high impact. 
  • Giving By All: We support research, experimentation, and product development to understand how to increase the quality and quantity of giving at all levels. 
  • Giving Ecosystem: We work with partners to ensure policy and regulatory incentives to encourage giving are preserved, established, or enhanced. We also fund partners who increase the availability and usability of data on charities and philanthropic data flows to allow for more informed giving by all. build a stronger, smarter philanthropic sector. 

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