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Discovery & Translational Sciences



Chris Karp


Chris Karp leads the team that targets fundamental scientific and technological advances in global health to create and improve preventive and therapeutic interventions for infectious diseases.

Steven Buchsbaum

Deputy Director

Steven Buchsbaum, deputy director, Discovery & Translational Sciences leads the team’s efforts to expand the Grand Challenges family of grant programs and associated partnerships to enhance their impact.

Ken Duncan

Deputy Director

Ken Duncan leads the Discovery & Translational Sciences team’s drug discovery efforts.

Sindura Ganapathi

Deputy Director

Sindura Ganapathi, deputy director, Discovery & Translational Sciences focuses on early childhood growth and development.

Michael Santos

Deputy Director

Michael Santos, deputy director, supports strategy and operations for the Discovery & Translational Sciences and HIV teams in the Global Health Program.

Lynda Stuart

Deputy Director

Dr. Lynda Stuart leads the Vaccine and Host Pathogen Biology domain of Discovery and Translational Sciences.

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