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Discovery & Translational Sciences



Chris Karp

Discovery & Translational Sciences

Chris Karp leads the team whose mission is to catalyze innovation for the discovery and translation of transformative solutions to global health and development inequity.

Jonathan Arm

Deputy Director,

Jonathan Arm leads the team that supports the accelerated translation of a broad portfolio of global health interventions into the clinic.

Ken Duncan

Deputy Director,

Ken Duncan leads the Discovery & Translational Sciences team’s drug discovery efforts.

Simone Marticke

Deputy Director,
Strategy, Planning and Management

Simone Marticke oversees strategy and operations for the Discovery & Translational Sciences team.

Kelle Moley

Deputy Director,
Reproductive Health Technologies

Kelle Moley leads the team whose mission it is to put women at the center of health and development through innovation in the space of sexual and reproductive health.

Lynda Stuart

Deputy Director,
Vaccines & Human Immunobiology

Lynda Stuart leads the team that aims to source novel approaches and accelerate the discovery, development, and translation of new passive and active immunization strategies for foundation priority diseases.

Kedest Tesfagiorgis

Deputy Director,
Global Partnerships and Grand Challenges

Kedest leads the team building a global network centered in low- and middle-income countries that links creative scientific minds, resources, and focus to reach the SDGs and beyond.

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