Fran Berlioz-Seux

Fran Berlioz-Seux

Deputy Director, Translational Sciences

Fran Berlioz-Seux leads a team that focuses on accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries to practical solutions that address global health inequity across the foundation’s work. She joined the foundation in 2021 as a senior program officer focusing on drug discovery grantmaking.

Fran spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, first at Pfizer for eight years and then Vertex Pharmaceuticals. She started her career as a drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics leader and later added responsibilities in other fields, including analytical development, computational sciences, and discovery and clinical biomarkers. She supported the rapid progression of multiple clinical candidates, including five that became marketed drugs.

Fran received a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Ph.D. in biopharmaceutics from the University of Paris V and XI, respectively.

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