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Improving our Work with You: A Progress Report


September 6, 2012

Recently, we heard from a partner who commented “The quality of our relationship determines the velocity of our work together.” I couldn’t agree more.

We believe that collaborative and effective partnerships are directly related to the impact of the foundation’s work with you. We also believe that rigorous feedback is critical to that success.

Getting ongoing feedback is one of our commitments to you. Over the last few months, we solicited extensive input from you about our relationship, and appreciate the thoughtful and constructive comments we received. It is only through this kind of constant feedback loop that we will continue to learn and improve.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what I heard. This progress report provides a summary as well as an update on what we are doing to strengthen our relationship with you.

This report builds on the Grantee Perception Report (GPR), a survey the foundation commissioned in 2008 with the Center for Effective Philanthropy  (CEP). The GPR was the first independent assessment of our work with grantee partners and helped us identify the areas in which we could do better. Next year, the CEP will conduct another survey that we can use as a barometer for our grantee relationships.

Your feedback helped shape the recent reorganization of our global programs aimed at fostering more collaboration internally and productive partnerships externally. Based on input we have received and as part of delivering on our commitments to grantees, we are exploring new ways of sharing information on a regular basis with you to ensure clear and consistent communication. 

We welcome hearing from you any time. You can send your comments to or anonymously at EthicsPoint, share with other grantee partners using #gateschat on Twitter, or simply speak to your program officer or anyone on our leadership team.

We also invite you to be part of a grantee advisory community to provide input on programs, processes or initiatives that we are working on. If you are interested, please send an email to and we will share more details.

On behalf of the entire foundation, thank you for everything you do in support of our shared mission.


Jeff Raikes

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