We don't want to wait 99 years for gender equality

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Woman sorting maize

Empowering Africa’s women farmers

When Africa’s women farmers thrive, everyone benefits: the women themselves, the children in whom they invest, the communities that they feed, and the economies to which they contribute. With the right investments and policies, Africa’s woman-run farms could produce a bumper crop of development.
Ruth Meinzen-Dick Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
Malama Ouani speaking to the women

They can’t Google, so they ask me about their rights

For many women in Niger, basic knowledge about how to keep themselves and their families healthy is out of reach. Malama Ouani, a Muslim cleric in Maradi, Niger, discusses the impact of gender inequality and the importance of strengthening women's rights, girls' education, and family planning resources.
Malama Ouani Muslim cleric in Maradi, Niger