Closing the opportunity gap in the Sahel

Close up of child
Photo courtesy of Project Syndicate

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Melinda Gates and women leaders at Goalkeepers 2019

Stories of Progress: Goalkeepers 2019

Goalkeepers Report 2019: Examining Inequality. How geography and gender stack the deck for (or against) you. The Goalkeepers 2019 event celebrates those that have taken action towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Rena Singer Strategic Communications Consultant, Rena Singer Communications
Woman sorting maize

Empowering Africa’s women farmers

When Africa’s women farmers thrive, everyone benefits: the women themselves, the children in whom they invest, the communities that they feed, and the economies to which they contribute. With the right investments and policies, Africa’s woman-run farms could produce a bumper crop of development.
Ruth Meinzen-Dick Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI