“We’re preparing for 2021 today”: An update on the Therapeutics Accelerator

Researcher examining lab work

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Researcher examining lab work

A COVID-19 vaccine might be ready within 18 months. But what happens then?

Developing and manufacturing a vaccine against COVID-19 is only part of the solution. Coordination, political will, and the infrastructure to support equitable vaccine is distribution will be essential to the ongoing COVID-19 response.
Doctor in hospital

Potential plasma treatments for COVID-19: A conversation with Dr. Toni Hoover

Dr. Toni Hoover, director of Strategy, Planning, and Management for Global Health at the Gates Foundation, shares what the CoVig Alliance means for the wider fight against COVID-19—and the foundation's role.
By Toni Hoover Director, Strategy, Planning, and Management, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation