Potential plasma treatments for COVID-19: A conversation with Dr. Toni Hoover

Doctor in hospital

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Primary health care is exactly that

Jean Kagubare, deputy director for Health Systems Design, shares the importance of investing in primary health care (PHC) as part of the global response to COVID-19. By strengthening basic health systems, families and communities can be better prepared for normal times and during global crises.
Jean Kagubare Deputy Director, Primary Health Care, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Mark Suzman with scientists in lab

Our COVID-19 response: Q&A with Mark Suzman

On Friday, April 17, Mark Suzman, CEO of the Gates Foundation, joined a conference call with The Optimist subscribers to discuss the foundation's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to the recording of the call here.
Mark Suzman CEO, Board Member, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation