We offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits that reflect the foundation's values and mission. Our benefits are designed to support a culture of health and financial well-being.

For employees based in the United States, core benefits include:

  • Comprehensive medical, vision, and dental for employees, spouses / domestic partners, and dependent children, with 100% of monthly premiums paid by the foundation. We also have an on-site health clinic on our Seattle campus that emphasizes wellness coaching.

    • Medical benefits include coverage for infertility treatments.
    • Vision benefits include coverage for corrective eye surgery.

  • Unlimited paid time off, which allows employees to take the time they need for vacation or illness so they can return to work able to contribute fully to our mission. The foundation also enjoys a paid holiday week between December 24th and January 1st.

  • Foundation-paid leave for disability, caregiver leave, and parental bonding leave.

  • Foundation-paid retirement contribution of 15% of an employee’s salary (up to the IRS maximum), which is immediately vested. Employees can also contribute to a 403(b) retirement account (up to the IRS maximum).

  • Foundation-paid life insurance equal to four times employee's annual salary.

  • Foundation match for employee charitable contributions and volunteer hours, up to $30,000 annually, so employees are empowered to contribute to and connect with the communities in which they live and work.

  • On-site fitness center on the Seattle campus, with live and virtual fitness classes and personal training 100% paid by the foundation.

  • Foundation reimbursement for eligible adoption and surrogacy fees, up to $20,000 each.

  • Additional lifestyle benefits including wellness; commuter incentives; at-home backup care for children, employees, and adults/elders; support for families with children with learning, social, or behavior challenges as well as developmental disabilities; identity theft protection; various employee discounts; and emergency assistance during business travel.

  • Voluntary insurance benefits, including optional life insurance and AD&D insurance, prepaid legal insurance, long-term care insurance, pet insurance, and discounted auto and home insurance.

Employees based in our non-U.S. locations also receive competitive salaries and generous benefits packages that reflect local pay and benefit practices and are aligned with the offerings listed above.