Violaine Mitchell

Interim Director



Violaine Mitchell, interim director, Vaccine Delivery, leads the foundation’s efforts to evaluate new vaccines and improve routine immunization systems.

Prior to joining the foundation in 2010, she worked as the coordinator of the Gavi Alliance Financing Task Force under contract to the World Bank, where she was responsible for coordinating Gavi’s early work on national financial sustainability planning and global innovative financing. Prior to this, she worked at the Institute of Medicine (IOM), National Academy of Sciences, where she was the study director for a study on the Children’s Vaccine Initiative and assistant study director for the IOM Study on Malaria Prevention and Control. She has also worked on integrated community development projects — including three years with Cairo’s traditional refuse collectors on child health, animal health and production — and income-generation projects funded by Catholic Relief Services, Oxfam, and UNICEF.

She is the co-founder of Small Farm Canada, an award-winning national Canadian magazine for small-scale producers. She has a B.A. in Development Studies from Brown University and an M.Sc. in Tropical Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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