Since making our first grant in Ethiopia in 2000 and opening our office in Addis Ababa in 2012, we have partnered with our donors, government, the private sector, and civil society to help Ethiopians live healthy and productive lives.

Serving Ethiopia’s Needs in Agriculture and Health

Ethiopia is characterized by significant and widespread need, as well as promising opportunities for impact, which compel our focus. The country has a relatively high health burned and one of world’s largest populations of people living in poverty. To address these issues, we focus on agriculture and family health, which are lagging behind targets and needs and face critical bottlenecks.

Along with the government’s strong leadership and commitment to progress, we are pleased to collaborate and contribute resources to grow partnerships across Ethiopia and improve people’s lives through advancements in agriculture and health.

Growing Ethiopian Partnerships to Improve Lives 

With more than 135 active grants and multiple teams, we aim to support the work of the foundation in various areas from our Ethiopia office by focusing on:

Ethiopia’s priorities: Aligned with Ethiopia’s own priorities, we aim to help the country improve agricultural productivity and increase the coverage of life-saving health and nutrition interventions.

Our vision to reduce poverty and help all Ethiopians live healthy and productive lives: Several important principles ground our vision: We co-create solutions with our partners, listen and respond to the needs of Ethiopian people receiving these services, take a catalytic approach, and respond to emerging needs and opportunities.

Strategic priorities within health and agriculture: For agriculture, we prioritize research, the “last-mile delivery” of services, and strengthening policy and institutions. For health, we support sustained, universal coverage of family health, expanding access to immunizations, and strengthening existing health systems. For both sectors, we focus on policy and advocacy to address systemic challenges and capture emerging opportunities.