Worldwide in scope, but local in relevance, the Global Burden of Disease report is revolutionizing health surveillance

Assistant collecting data about mosquito larvae at the Elimina Institute

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Four children standing outside near hut

Sophisticated new maps chart the geography of childhood malnutrition in Africa

New IHME maps are powered by an array of seemingly unrelated data sets: home health surveys, weather reports, agricultural statistics and more. They were calculated together using “model-based statistics,” a technique borrowed from the field of geographic information systems (GIS).
Ryan Bell Feature Writer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Woman filling out health forms related to polio and vaccination records.

Measuring the value of health

The Optimist sat down with Damian Walker, deputy director of data and analytics at the Gates Foundation, to talk about how the team approached evaluating the return on a $10 billion health investment, the challenges of evaluating investments in global health, and why these analyses should be a key input in decision-making.
Damian Walker Deputy Director, Data and Analytics, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation