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Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

Bill Gates

Twitter: @BillGates

LinkedIn: William H. Gates

Instagram: @thisisbillgates

Facebook: Bill Gates

Threads: @thisisbillgates

Melinda French Gates

Twitter: @melindagates

LinkedIn: Melinda French Gates

Instagram: @melindafrenchgates

Facebook: Melinda French Gates

Threads: @melindafrenchgates

Mark Suzman
Chief Executive Officer

Twitter: @MSuzman

LinkedIn: Mark Suzman

Instagram: @marksuzman

Facebook: Mark Suzman

Threads: @marksuzman

Paulin Basinga
Global Director, Program Advocacy and Communications, Global Policy and Advocacy

Twitter: @pbasinga

Susan Byrnes
Susan Byrnes
Chief Communications Officer

Twitter: @susanbyrnes

LinkedIn: Susan Byrnes

Instagram: @susanbmgf

Threads: @susanbmgf

Joe Cerrell
Managing Director, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia

Twitter: @CerrJ

LinkedIn: Joe Cerrell

Enock Chikava
Enock Chickava
Interim Director, Agricultural Development

Twitter: @EnockChikava

LinkedIn: Enock Chickava

Christopher Elias
President, Global Development

Twitter: @ChrisJElias

LinkedIn: Chris Elias

Instagram: @drchrisjelias

Threads: @drchrisjelias

Gargee Ghosh
Gargee Ghosh
President, Global Policy & Advocacy

Twitter: @ThisIsGargeeG

LinkedIn: Gargee Ghosh

Instagram: @gargeebmgf

Threads: @gargeebmgf

Allan Golston
President, United States Program

Twitter: @AllanGolston

LinkedIn: Allan Golston

Bob Hughes
Director, K-12 Education

Twitter: @BobHughesK12

Keith Klugman
Director, Pneumonia

Twitter: @findingpneumo

Anja Langenbucher
Anja Langenbucher
Director, Europe Office

Twitter: @AnjaLabu

Violaine Mitchell
Director, Immunization

Twitter: @ViolaineMitchel

Trevor Mundel
President, Global Health

Twitter: @trevormundel

LinkedIn: Trevor Mundel

Instagram: @trevor.mundel

Threads: @trevor.mundel

Oumar Seydi
Director, Africa

Twitter: @CheikhOSeydi

LinkedIn: Oumar Seydi

Haddis Tadesse
Director, Ethiopia

Twitter: @HDTadesse

Rodger Voorhies
Rodger Voorhies
President, Global Growth & Opportunity

Twitter: @rodger_voorhies

LinkedIn: Rodger Voorhies

Instagram: @rodger_voorhies

Threads: @rodger_voorhies

Ankur Vora
Chief Strategy Officer

Twitter: @ankurvora1

LinkedIn: Ankur Vora

Instagram: @ankur.vora1

Threads: @ankur.vora1

Anita Zaidi
Anita Zaidi
President, Gender Equality

Twitter: @AnitaZaidi

LinkedIn: Anita Zaidi

Instagram: @dranitazaidi

Threads: @dranitazaidi

Jérémie Zoungrana
Jérémie Zoungrana
Director, Nigeria

Twitter: @Jzoungrana

Foundation channels

Foundation channels

Gates Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Twitter: @gatesfoundation

LinkedIn: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Instagram: @gatesfoundation

Facebook: Gates Foundation

YouTube: Gates Foundation

Threads: @GatesFoundation

Gates Discovery Center

Gates Discovery Center

Twitter: @DiscoverGates

Instagram: @discovergates

Facebook: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center

Threads: @DiscoverGates

Gates Foundation US

Gates United States

Twitter: @GatesUS

LinkedIn: GatesUS

Gates Foundation WA


Twitter: @GatesWA

Gates Health

Gates Health

Twitter: @gateshealth

Gates Foundation Africa

Gates Foundation Africa

Twitter @GatesAfrica

Gates Foundation India

Gates Foundation India

Twitter: @BMGFIndia

LinkedIn: Gates India

Instagram: @BMGFIndia

Facebook: Gates Foundation India

YouTube: BMGF India

Threads: @bmgfindia

Gates Foundation Middle East

Gates Foundation Middle East

Twitter: @GatesMiddleEast

Gates Poverty

Gates Poverty

Twitter: @gatespoverty

Gates Open Research

Gates Open Research

Twitter: @GatesOpenRes

Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Twitter: @GatesMRI

LinkedIn: Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute