International Aid Transparency Initiative

In October 2013 we committed to joining the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), an initiative focused on making information about spending on development easier to access, understand, and use. We represent one of the first foundations to join IATI.

Our goal continues to be to identify common ways we all can share information that will help the development community achieve greater impact. As a member of IATI we believe we can play an important role in making more meaningful data available and in helping to shape the development of rapidly evolving international reporting standards.

Please reference our most current implementation schedule related to publishing our grants data in accordance with the IATI standard. We continue to evaluate our internal systems and processes in order to expand the depth, coverage and frequency of our future reporting.

Please refer to the IATI data registry for our IATI raw data in XML format. Alternatively you can download our IATI organization file and activity files directly.