Konstantin Peric

Konstantin Peric

Deputy Director, Global Growth & Opportunity

Konstantin Peric, deputy director, Financial Services for the Poor leads the team that focuses on digital payments. From governance through business models to technology - from ideas through architecture to development: he oversees the strategy and grants to deliver digital payment solutions for the poor. Current focus countries include Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh.

Prior to joining the foundation in 2013,  he was the chief architect of SWIFNet, SWIFT’s global secure network connecting 10,000 financial institutions and corporates in the world, and co-founder of Innotribe, SWIFT’s initiative to enable collaborative innovation in financial services.

Kostantin holds a masters degree in computer science from Free University of Brussels, Belgium.

He is the author of The Castle and the Sandbox, a book on how to innovate in conservative companies using open innovation.

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