Carol Welch

Carol Welch

Director, Strategy, Planning and Management, and Chief of Staff

Carol Welch is director of Strategy, Planning and Management, and chief of staff to Rodger Voorhies. Carol brings an array of experience to her role with Global Growth & Opportunity.

Carol joined the foundation as a senior program officer supporting Mark Suzman on the Global Development Policy & Advocacy team. She then led the Development Policy and Finance (DPAF) team’s work on aid policy, as well as the foundation’s engagement on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the multi-year negotiation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In that role, Carol ensured that the foundation's top priorities – and a commitment to finishing the job on extreme poverty – became a core component of the 2030 goals. She has most recently worked with the Africa team, where she engaged with program strategy teams to help shape our evolving strategy and the focus of our work in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Carol has worked closely with our donor and government relations offices, our China and India office policy and advocacy teams, and our African offices. She has also represented the foundation in senior external relations with donors, developing country governments, and international institutions.

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