Who We Are

Global Development


Our Global Development Division leadership team oversees the foundation's work in developing countries on family health, vaccine delivery, and emergency relief.

Christopher Elias

Global Development

Dr. Chris Elias focuses on high-impact, sustainable solutions for people in developing countries.

Paulin Basinga

Health, Africa

Dr. Paulin Basinga leads the foundation’s health portfolio of investments in Africa.

Andreas Bluethner


Andreas Bluethner is leading a refresh of the foundation’s Nutrition strategy which will focus on innovation, private sector engagement, and large-scale food fortification.

Kathleen Goodman

Strategy and Insights

Kathleen Goodman leads Global Delivery’s strategic efforts to improve access to and demand for health services and interventions, through health system investments in underserved communities.

Haley Hill

Global Development

Haley Hill is the director, Office of the President, and chief of staff, Global Development Program.

Steve Landry

Global Development

Steve Landry works with a select group of critical partners to ensure our strategic engagement is optimized to the foundation’s global health and development goals.

Orin Levine

Global Delivery Programs

Dr. Orin Levine oversees four teams that focus on delivery of interventions that reduce under-five and maternal mortality, limit the spread of vaccine-preventable disease, and promote more equitable health outcomes.

Keith Matthews


Keith Matthews oversees legal work related to the foundation’s Global Development and Global Growth & Opportunity divisions.

M Hari Menon

India Country Office

M Hari Menon leads the India Office. He also oversees the foundation’s work in South and South-East Asia.

Violaine Mitchell

Health Funds and Partnerships

Violaine Mitchell oversees a team that works to empower country governments to sustainably finance and manage their primary health care systems.

Jamie Morris

Program Chief Financial Officer

Jamie Morris is the divisional chief financial officer for both Global Development and Global Growth & Opportunity.

Amy Pollack

Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

Amy Pollack is the director of the Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH) program strategy team and oversees MNCH, Nutrition, and Family Planning.

Oumar Seydi


Oumar Seydi oversees the foundation’s work in Africa.

Ann Starrs

Family Planning

Ann Starrs leads the family planning team's overall strategy and coordinates with other global strategies within the foundation and with external partners to achieve greater access to voluntary family planning.

Haddis Tadesse


Haddis Tadesse oversees our work in Ethiopia as well as our partnership with the African Union.

Sanjay Ubale

Partnerships, India

Sanjay G Ubale is currently the director, partnerships at the India Country Office in Delhi.

Alkesh Wadhwani

Poverty Alleviation, India

Alkesh Wadhwani leads the poverty alleviation portfolio for the foundation’s India Country Office.

Jay Wenger

Polio Eradication

Dr. Jay Wenger leads polio eradication efforts within the Global Development Program.

Greg Widmyer

Health Products, Programs, and Markets

Greg Widmyer leads teams that work to accelerate introduction of products and system innovations that reduce maternal and childhood mortality while strengthening primary health care.

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