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Global Delivery Programs

Strategy Leadership


Orin Levine

Global Delivery Programs

Dr. Orin Levine oversees four teams that focus on delivery of interventions that reduce under-five and maternal mortality, limit the spread of vaccine-preventable disease, and promote more equitable health outcomes.

Kathleen Goodman

Strategy and Insights

Kathleen Goodman leads Global Delivery’s strategic efforts to improve access to and demand for health services and interventions, through health system investments in underserved communities.

Tracey McNeill

Health Systems

Tracey McNeill leads the foundation’s health systems team.

Violaine Mitchell

Health Funds and Partnerships

Violaine Mitchell oversees a team that works to empower country governments to sustainably finance and manage their primary health care systems.

Greg Widmyer

Health Products, Programs, and Markets

Greg Widmyer leads teams that work to accelerate introduction of products and system innovations that reduce maternal and childhood mortality while strengthening primary health care.

Mary Aikenhead

Deputy Director,
RMNCH and Systems Interventions (RASI)

Mary Aikenhead provides management and strategic direction for a group focused on market solutions that aim to strengthen primary health care systems, particularly in the area of RMNCH.

Jean Kagubare

Deputy Director,
Health Systems Design

Dr. Jean Kagubare oversees a grant portfolio that focuses on research, analysis, and technical assistance to improve primary health care through health systems design and financing.

Helen Matzger

Deputy Director,
Vaccines and Disease Control Programs

Helen Matzger leads a group that works with partners to accelerate the introduction and scaling up of vaccine and non-vaccine interventions.

Kathleen Walsh

Deputy Director,
Strategy, Planning, and Management

Kathleen Walsh oversees strategy and operations for the foundation’s Global Delivery Programs.

Chris Wolff

Deputy Director,
Country Partnerships

Chris Wolff provides management and strategic direction for collaboration between the foundation, our implementation partners, global health funds, and country governments.

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