Kellie Sloan




Kellie Sloan is the director of Family Planning and leads the foundation’s efforts for creating innovative ways to improve family planning outcomes in developing countries. She oversees the development of strategies to address the obstacles that the world’s poorest women face in gaining access to family planning information and services.

Prior to this role, Kellie was the director, Office of the President for Global Development where she served as an extension of the President, managed relationships with key critical partnerships, and lead the Emergency Management Relief strategy.

Kellie has an M.A. in social and behavioral sciences from the University of Central Florida. Kellie serves on the Board of Trustees for Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation and on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Funding Alliance, an organization that focuses on improving the lives of women and girls by championing women’s leadership and bringing forward actionable solutions in philanthropy, community-based organizations, business, and government.

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