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Root Capital




African grassroots agriculture businesses were resource constrained. Farm co-ops serving smallholder value chains had limited access to debt. Cash crop trade finance models that were successful in Latin America had not meaningfully penetrated the African market. There was also limited access to technical assistance.


The foundation is committed to relieving hunger and poverty throughout the developing world. The success or failure of smallholder farmers determines whether they have enough to eat, are able to send their children to school, and can earn enough money to save.


Root Capital, Inc.
Social investment fund specializing in cash crop trade finance with underwriting/portfolio quality and growing network of local African credit officers and technical assistance resources

Foundation Focus:
provide affordable capital and financial services to African grassroots agriculture businesses


Low-interest loan
Date: November 2009
Co-Investors: None
Associated funding: grant to expand organization’s lending activities to grassroots enterprises in Africa

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