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M-KOPA Kenya Ltd.




Poor Kenyans face significant barriers to acquiring assets and to financial services which could enable acquisition. Tight cash flow cycles and other challenges prevent low-income populations from acquiring useful assets. Low wage earners lack credit histories to access financial products.


Providing poor people with access to affordable digital financial services can increase productivity, help manage shocks and keep them out of poverty. Mobile payment technology reduces the transaction costs of extending credit. Generation of credit data allows the poor to build credit histories and mobile payment receivables can serve as high quality collateral.


M-KOPA Kenya Ltd.
Nairobi-based start-up that enables poor and rural customers to purchase solar power assets on credit, employing mobile payment and machine-to-machine technology

Foundation focus: testing another use case for the M-PESA mobile payment platform and demonstrating an asset-based lending model for the poor


Senior secured loan, backed by customer receivables
Date: November  2013
Lending Syndicate: Commercial Bank of Africa and various impact lenders
Associated funding: $4.6mm grant

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