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Vaccines for pneumonia, typhoid and other critical diseases are expensive due to the current inefficient technologies. Despite tremendous resources used to decrease the pneumonia vaccine cost to $10.50, it is still one of the most expensive vaccines purchased by GAVI. Significantly lowering the cost is not possible with current technologies.


Development of new technologies that provide an alternative to the traditional conjugation approaches. We aim to substantially lowering the cost of the pneumonia vaccine which will result in increased affordability for people most in need in the developing world.


Liquidia Technologies
The company’s nanoparticle manufacturing technology has made it possible to fabricate discrete organic nanoparticles with complete control over particle size, shape, and composition

Foundation focus: The technology may have applications for pneumonia, Hib, malaria and typhoid


Series C Preferred Equity
Date: February 2011
Co-Investors: NEA and Canaan
Associated funding: Attendant grant to PATH to initiate a pneumonia vaccine development program with Liquidia

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