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Malnutrition is an underlying cause in nearly half of child deaths each year and prevents millions of other children from growing and living to their full potential. It’s one of the biggest barriers to progress we face and undermines progress to practically all of the Global Goals. For too long, nutrition has been an underinvested area of health and development.


Global Goal 2 promises Zero Hunger—to ‘end malnutrition in all its forms.’ The good news is many countries are on course for meeting many of the Global Goals targets, but we still need to do much more to scale-up proven interventions and research new solutions.


The Power of Nutrition, founded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), the UBS Optimus Foundation, UNICEF and the World Bank, is an innovative financing platform committed to ending the cycle of undernutrition and enabling countries to build strong and prosperous communities.


Every dollar invested in The Power of Nutrition is multiplied at least 4x, increasing the impact for mothers and children everywhere. Since it was created just over five years ago, by brokering collaborative partnerships with the private and public sector, The Power of Nutrition has already mobilized almost $500 million for nutrition interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.


  • Highlight how committed country governments can leverage the matching mechanism of The Power of Nutrition to scale proven, high-quality interventions to reduce undernutrition.
  • Bring partners together to announce $250 million in planned new investments in four countries—Madagascar, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and India. This investment is reaching millions of children through interventions such as the provision of micronutrients and education on infant and young child feeding.


  • Through its co-investments, The Power of Nutrition has enabled over 38 million mothers and children in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to access vital nutrition services such as micronutrient supplementation and the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding (amongst others).
  • Thanks to its innovative financing mechanism, The Power of Nutrition has mobilized almost $500 million for nutrition interventions across 12 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, from both private and public sources.
  • The Power of Nutrition has established over 20 strategic partnerships with governments, businesses, foundations, NGOs and private individuals, for nutrition financing.



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