The Goalkeepers Advisory Board

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Goalkeepers Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is composed of nine members who represent a diverse range of countries, sectors, and experiences. Now in their third year, they provide strategic input and support the reach and network of Goalkeepers. Through their engagement they instill our campaign, awards, Accelerators, and events with community perspectives.

Current Members

Organizer, Facilitator, Teacher

Angel Adelaja

Fresh Direct, Nigeria

Angel Adelaja

Dr. Angel Adelaja is a development consultant and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services (Fresh Direct Nigeria), an urban farming and ag-tech company in Abuja, Nigeria. 


Fresh Direct Nigeria brings fresh premium organic produce closer to market with its stackable container farms. The company brings together communities and technology, focusing on engaging youth in agriculture.


Angel focuses on women and youth empowerment, utilizing grassroots campaigns, technology, and innovation to assist these groups in solving global issues.

Community Organizer, Enthusiast, Committed

Christian Vanizette

Makesense, France

Christian Vanizette

In 2010, Christian took a sabbatical from university so he could travel the world to find out how social entrepreneurs used technology to solve social and environmental issues.


As he traveled, Christian organized a small community of citizens committed to supporting social entrepreneurs through skilled volunteerism and rapid innovation workshops. This organic community organizing was the beginning of Makesense.


Makesense is now a community of 100,000 citizens who support 3,000 local initiatives tackling the Global Goals in 100 cities and 45 countries.

Optimist, Advocate, Changemaker

Lili Buffett

Global Impact, LLC, US

Lili Buffett

Lili Buffett is a graduate of Columbia University, with a bachelor’s degree in economics and philosophy. Lili has a deep commitment to understanding and resolving issues related to global inequality. She has traveled with and volunteered for numerous nonprofit organizations working to address these challenges around the world. She is a strong advocate for gender equality and for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Lili serves on a number of community and nonprofit boards, including Kids Operating Room, the Captain Planet Foundation, the NorthStar Foundation, and a program committee for the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. She previously served on an advisory board for the Central Park Conservancy.

Feminist, Activist, Politician

Scheaffer Okore

Women Political Leaders, Kenya

Scheaffer Okore

Scheaffer Okore is a senior strategist, policy advisor, politician and feminist who advises philanthropists ORGs and international NGOs working intersectionally on policy, governance, and gender. She is the director of policy and advocacy at the Women Political Leaders Organisation (Iceland), senior policy advisor-Reid Strategies (Seattle) and senior strategy advisor at SCOPE Impact (Helsinki).


She’s an inaugural Obama Foundation Africa Leader’s fellow of 2018 and former vice chairperson of Ukweli Political Party in Kenya.


A revered voice advocating for the systemic inclusion of women in leadership and governance, she was named among the top 100 most influential young Africans in the category of governance and law in 2018. ONE Campaign recognized her as one of their global women of 2018.

Storyteller, Activist, Catalyst

Radia Cheikh Lahlou

Déclic, Morocco

Radia Cheikh Lahlou

Radia runs Déclic, a consultancy firm based in Casablanca, and is now working with public and private organizations to develop innovative and inclusive strategies to drive sustainable development in Morocco and West Africa.


Among her experiences, Radia has worked on topics such as corporate sustainable responsibility, social innovation, and social acceptability. Her involvement toward the SDGs has taken her to work with UNESCO and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on local and regional projects. She also works with multinationals as well as African companies to conceive, promote, and deploy sustainable approaches, which favor social impact and shared values.


Radia co-founded Matyn, an NGO dedicated to improving market access for cooperatives. She is also a board member of the Moroccan chapter of Enactus.

Campaigner, Optimist, Listener

Alex Holmes

The Diana Award, United Kingdom

Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes is deputy CEO at the nonprofit The Diana Award, which is a tribute to the belief of Diana, Princess of Wales, that young people have the power to change the world.


He is the founder of the peer-to-peer support program Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, a network of trained young people dedicated to preventing peer-on-peer violence and bullying.


In 2017, Alex was made a Queen’s Young Leader by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, a role which sees him representing the commonwealth.

Women’s Equality Evangelist

Blessing Omakwu

Goalkeepers Initiative Lead, US

Blessing Omakwu
An advisor emeritus, Blessing is deputy director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she leads the Goalkeepers initiative. She is passionate about the realization of the Global Goals and the commitment to leave no one behind.

Community Builder, Educator, Changemaker

Jasmine Lau

Purpose in Motion, China

Jasmine Lau

Jasmine Lau is a social entrepreneur and educator who strives to use education and technology to amplify the role of young people in solving global and local social problems.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, she is the co-founder and executive director of PIM (Purpose in Motion, formerly Philanthropy in Motion), an organization that empowers young people in China and around the world with the education, resources, and networks they need to become effective changemakers. PIM works with schools and universities to design and run myriad experiential education programs—degree programs, courses, workshops, and educational travel programs—centered around social impact and intercultural understanding and collaboration.


Jasmine is also spearheading a new initiative, Infinity Campus, which employs the latest in educational pedagogy and technology to reimagine higher education and promote global citizenship.

Philosopher, Speaker, Futurist

Lukas Köhler

Liberal Party, Germany

Lukas Köhler

Lukas has been a member of the German Bundestag for the Free Democratic Party (FDP) since 2017, after having joined the Young Liberals and the FDP in 2011.


He is General Secretary of the Bavarian liberal Democrats and member of the federal executive board of the German liberal party. He is a regular member and chairman for the FDP caucus on the committee for environment, nature conservation, and reactor safety, as well as a member of the committee for human rights and humanitarian aid.


Lukas is the spokesman for climate policy of the FDP caucus. He is also a regular member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Sustainable Development.

Storyteller, Optimist, Human

Nikhil Taneja

Yuvaa, India

Nikhil Taneja

Nikhil Taneja is a Mumbai-based writer, producer, storyteller, entrepreneur, and youth mental health advocate. He's the co-founder and CEO of a youth media organization called Yuvaa (@weareyuvaa).


Having been in the Indian media and entertainment industry for a decade, Nikhil is responsible for some of the biggest hits in the digital space at Y-Films, the youth wing of India's biggest movie studio, Yash Raj Films, where he headed content & development.


Nikhil has taught at a Journalism College for 7 years and travelled to over 100+ colleges in 35+ cities across India to record the mental health and identity issues faced by India's Gen Z, and to create safe spaces for young people to express themselves. He's currently working on a book about masculinity for Penguin Random House India.

Advisory board members having a meeting

Leading the Leaders

“Real, new, authentic voices are emerging. These are leaders that are making a difference in the world.”

—Alex Holmes, Advisory Board