A portrait of a young woman wearing a red face mask
A portrait of a young woman wearing a red face mask


The Goalkeepers Report is an annual look at our collective progress. Our 2020 report examines the wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19, and what we must do to end it.

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Leading progress for the global goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development to achieve a better world by 2030. Led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Goalkeepers is dedicated to accelerating progress towards the Global Goals: using powerful stories, data, and partnerships to highlight progress achieved, hold governments accountable and bring together a new generation of leaders to address the world’s major challenges.

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Together we can make an impact

The Global Goals are intended to cultivate a better future around the world. Learn more about the goals and how we’re working to achieve them.

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Tracking our progress

Setting targets is an important step in achieving the Global Goals. Explore the select key progress indicators we track and see how we’re measuring gains—or losses—as we get closer to 2030.

2020 Report Highlights

“White cursive text reading There is no such thing as a national crisis on a blue background.

Bill Gates

How COVID-19 Is Disrupting The Way We Fight Malaria

Melinda Gates

How Women Are Left Behind in the Pandemic Economy

A New Path Forward

The pandemic reminds us that kindness ripples outward

Three Goalkeepers Award winners stand in front of a logo quilt at the Goalkeepers awards.

Please join us in celebrating the remarkable recipients of our fifth annual Global Goals Awards. We’re proud to recognize their unique contributions to global progress.

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Accelerators are a key part of Goalkeepers. They bring together partners from different sectors around common agendas for action, seeking to catalyze investments, expertise, and innovation to drive further progress towards the Global Goals.

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