Investing in the women changing the world

what’s the challenge?

At the core of every problem we’re trying to solve, from poverty to disease, are the undervalued but powerful lives of women and girls. We can’t achieve progress if half the world’s population continues to be left behind, and their potential and talent continues to go untapped. One of the most impactful ways to accelerate progress towards the Global Goals—particularly Goal 5, to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women—is to invest in women’s and girl’s movements. Yet, grassroots women’s organizations and movements are severely underfunded and under threat.

Text reads: “5 Gender Equality”. Red-orange square with symbol of male and female sign with an equal symbol in the center.

what’s the opportunity?

Inch by inch, local women’s organizations are reducing inequality and increasing opportunity in their communities and countries. They know first-hand the barriers holding women and girls back, and they’re on the front lines of fighting them. When women unite together to form movements, they drive real, lasting change. This is how equality happens. We can accelerate progress on gender equality by starting local, giving women and girls the tools and resources they need to effectively overcome challenges in their own communities.

the accelerator will:

  • Provide critical funding to individuals, organizations, campaigning platforms, and women’s funds.
  • Bring together partners to support and strengthen women’s rights groups and movements by providing technical capacity building, communications tools, and other resources to realize their vision, and to encourage others to join in this work.
  • Help make these women’s voices heard through The Points Guy, providing 5 million air miles to help enable women campaign and advocate globally.
  • Raise awareness of women and girl’s movements. Glamour, through the Girl Project, will feature their stories prominently via their media and social platforms.

What you can do


There are many ways to help women’s movements, from making your own donation, backing a campaign online, or offering other kinds of pro-bono contributions, from digital training to communications support. To learn more about the 38 women’s funds around the world—operating nationally, regionally, and globally—and to see what you can do to support them, visit the Prospera Network:


As part of the accelerator for the Goalkeepers event hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Points Guy committed to donating five million miles in the next year for local women’s organizations and movements. These miles will enable women activists to have their voices heard by key decision-makers, inspire others and galvanize action around the world.

This is a way to improve the bottom line for women’s organizations around the world. If you are a women’s organization in need of miles, please fill in the form here –